Connecting to Love

Meditation & Gong Bath


October - Wednesday 16th

7.30 - 9.30 PM

Waterloo Action Centre

14 Baylis Road

London SE1 7AA

£20 - booking essential

Join Ness and Sabrina to connect and activate the blissful energy of unconditional love within your heart. The energy of source is unconditional love, the highest vibration that is. It is your natural birth right. We’re honoured in assisting you in claiming back what is always been yours by transmitting the energy of love, activating love within your heart through quantum healing, DNA clearing, light language activation and taking you on a gong bath journey to further connect with this all-encompassing energy.


Useful extras:

  • Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket (as your body temperature drops during the session) and a little cushion to support your head

- Please come hydrated as water facilitate healing

  • We will provide water for the session and a little snack for grounding at the end of the circle


What to except when you join our unconditional love circle

We will be welcoming you into a high-vibration, safe space.

We will start our evening by opening the sacred circle with shamanic drumming and calling upon the energy of unconditional love from Source, mother Gaia, our spiritual guides and teachers for assistance.

We will start the circle with a breathing exercise to relax your mind and we will invite you to lie down comfortably to receive the transmission of energy, quantum healing, DNA clearing, Crystalline DNA activation and light language keycodes to activate unconditional love within you.

We’ll have a short break before the sound journey for which you will be invited to lay down comfortably on a magic carpet and will be taken on a sound journey to go deep within your Self, using a variety of instruments such as the ocean drum, the native American flute, chimes, rainsticks… and the beautiful Universal Gong. The vibrational sound of Gong will travel through every cell of your bodies and vibrate through your entire for deep healing.

Meanwhile you will receive Sekhem healing to deepen your experience. Sekhem originates from ancient Egypt and is a powerful and high vibration energy that works on all bodies, physical, emotional and mental.

©2018 By Sabrina M.