Connecting to the Wisdom

of the Womb


October - Thursday 3rd

7 - 9 PM

Emanuel Avenue

Acton W3 6JQ

£18 - booking essential

This is an invitation to a gathering of women on their period, or not, or who have stopped having their period, with a womb or without womb, all feeling the calling to connect to the spirit of the Womb for it holds such precious Wisdom.

I feel called to hold hands with my sisters, to share laughter and tears, to share the stories of our lives, our Wisdom, our Truth in a sacred and safe space where we allow ourselves to express our vulnerability and authentic self, where we give ourselves permission to open our hearts and connect to the Spirit of our Womb and receive its message and Wisdom to support us in our Life.

So dear sisters, I invite you to step into the sacred circle, to step into your Higher Self.

We will share our stories, go on a shamanic journey to connect with the Spirit of the Womb and receive its message, we will receive and share the rite of the Womb, we will nurture one another by giving and receiving massage/ touch and we will end our circle with music and singing channelled from the heart and womb. (Of course there is no obligation to share and /or participate)


I would love to extend the invitation to all my delicious sisters out there but can only hold the space for 11 women at the moment, so if you feel called to sit within this sacred space, please book early. Don't forget to add your email address as i will be sending out an email with information and instructions on how to prepare for the gathering, what to bring and the exact location of the gathering (W3 6JQ, Acton).


With all my Love,

Sabrina M.

©2018 By Sabrina M.