Let me introduce myself,




Here is my true Self, the essence of who I am and the essence of every single one of us.


How would YOU describe yourself?


I have thought long and hard about how to introduce or describe myself and I have decided to be as real, authentic and genuine as I possibly could.


I am not big on labels. I don’t ascribe to any labels such as energy therapist, shaman, healer…Even if we think of labels as something useful, something we use to define things and people because labels give us, or rather our ego, the illusion of safety, the illusion that we know something because we have labelled it, I feel labels are restricting and limiting us. No matter what they are, we consciously or unconsciously try to conform to those labels we have been given or are giving ourselves.

How can we then hope to express our true Self if we conform to specific definitions of who we think or others think we are?


 I am now inviting you to remove those labels and experience freedom, true freedom, freedom to just



And so in the spirit of authenticity and congruence, I have decided to simply share those things I am in love with, I feel passionate about and that I feel aligned with at this time of my life:


I am in love with life, so much so that I am constantly observing, travelling and exploring the multitude of textures, nuances and flavours of and within my inner landscape.

On my path, I have come across and rose in love with Reiki, EFT, Shamanism, sound therapy, compassionate communication and laughter. They have become practices that have had a tremendous impact on my physical, emotional and spiritual growth. They have helped me open my heart, connect to my body, my higher self, the higher consciousness as well as the collective consciousness.

I am in love with emotions, ALL of them! Including sadness, anger and all those we tend to repress, because I believe that connecting to them is essential for healing, growth and ultimately true unconditional Love.

I am in love with questions and silence.

I love people and feel completely fascinated by them.

I love to sing under the shower and in my kitchen.

I give free hugs to people as well as trees and my own beautiful Self.

I am in love with those 3 children who have come through me and are gifting me with opportunities to explore challenges that bring growth with love and compassion.

I am in love with the life that goes through me and every single one of us.

The “work” that I do is part of my life as a whole. It allows me to explore, learn, grow, heal, connect, love and share and if it is meant to be, we will walk alongside each other to do just that. Together…

Credentials & Training

EFT Level 2, The Energy Therapy Centre
Reiki 1st and 2nd degree,  The Reiki Academy
Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate, Laughter Yoga International University
Shamanism Healer Training with Anthea Durand at Shamanism and Evolving Consciousness
Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training with Anthea Durand at Shamanism and Evolving Consciousness
Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux, Hawkwood College
Choosing Life, Training in Compassionate Communication, The Compassionate Centre
Foundation Training in Non-Violent Communication, The Centre for Non Violent Communication
Building Restorative Systems training, Transforming Conflict Weave

©2018 By Sabrina M.